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Denise Walsh

Ambassador Diamond

"It Works has CHANGED my life. After 2 1/2 years in the business I was able to quit my job as a full time Clinical Psychologist. I am now staying at home with my 8 month old son - making more in ONE month then I used to make in ONE year!! What an amazing journey it has been....And it is ONLY the beginning! THANK YOU It Works!"

Nikki Moore

“Nothing but praises for my team and this company!! I'm dreaming big now!! With four children and a husband...bills and the desire for more money and the ability to help others and pay off debt, we were looking for something. After 10 months in this business, I was able to triple my part time special education teaching salary and quit my job. Fast forward to now, 15 months later, I made last month what I made all of last year teaching!! If you want this, it is totally achievable!!"


Anna Godfrey

“It Works has changed my life. Life and the Economy hit my family hard just like many Americans these days. I lost my job while I was on maternity leave and my husband was having to take long periods of time off of work due to illness. We were definitely trying to stretch pennies as far as we could. At one point we had to stop paying our mortgage. I stumbled upon It Works in a networking group and was ready to work it! Through amazing leadership in the company and support of my uplines, Denise and Brandon Walsh, I have changed our legacy.”

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